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“The United States Is NOW the J.V. Team & will ISIS CRUMBLE?”



“Can Senate Sue President Obama Over Iran Deal?” & Russian Military Buildup in Syria



“Syria: The New World Order – Refugees, Iran, Russia, ISIS”



“Democrats Put Career Over Conscience & Syrian Refugee Crisis”


“Iran Deal: Stunning “Spin” by Pres. Obama on CNN”


“A Conversation with Amb. R. James Woolsey”


“From the Streets of Mogadishu” A Compelling Interview w/ Col. Danny McKnight


“Consequences of Iran Deal and the Islamic State Chaos to American Cities.”


“Impact America: ISIS Threats & Greek Debt Crisis”


“Obama’s Middle East: The World Turned Upside Down – America On High Terrorist Alert”


“Obama’s Middle East: The World Turned Upside Down: AMERICA ON HIGH TERROR THREAT – OPENING”


“Hillary Clinton a Criminal? You Decide”


“Refugee Resettlement BREAKING STORY!”


“Are We Doing Enough to Defeat ISIS?”


“The Israeli Solution” Special Guest Caroline Glick”


“South Carolina & Tennessee: Bible Belt Under Shariah Assault”


“Two Holocaust Survivors: One Remarkable Connection!”


“Did You Hear That Iran has an ICBM To Reach The U.S. This Year? ” Dr. Andrew Bostom ”


“The Boston Marathon Attack: The Trial, The Terror/Islamic Society of North America in our Backyards”


“The World According To Chaos”


“Middle East Arm’s Race: The Obama Legacy”


“Why Are We So Afraid of Islam?”




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If Jews Can’t Live in Jerusalem, Where Can They Live? Part One of Five.

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